The Circle of Raphael

Guardians of the Light and Practitioners in the Ancient Wisdoms. Universally recognised as the foremost leaders and creators of this world's most powerful and successful holy talismans.

Welcome to the talismanic services of the world-renowned Circle of Raphael, documented masters in the time-honoured skill in crafting powerful and highly successful Angelic talismans. Our Master Adept creates traditionally empowered Angelic talismans which have, according to thousands of received testimonials, helped to attract Angelic blessings and benefits into the life path of their owners.

It should be noted that our holy talismanic pendants are not simply silver discs. Our talismans gain their powerful talismanic ability directly from the holy names of the Angelic beings and the highly spiritual Qabalah formulae of sacred celestial words embedded into the metal of each talisman. It is a well known truth, that mystics, spiritualists and shamans have long regarded that the simple act of coming into physical contact with any holy item will help create life enhancing blessings and benefits. All our talismans are truly holy items which have been created by our own Adept to act as an Angelic spiritual suit of armour for the wellbeing, good fortune and protection of their owners.

You do not need to believe or have faith for your talisman to work. It is claimed that the power of talismans depends entirely on the faith their owners place in them. However, this theory is totally disproved by experience; our talismans have been shown to work even when their owners are sceptical or even unaware of their Angelic purpose. They succeed because they are true holy animated by the holy Angelic names and sacred words of creation embedded into the metal. Ownership of one or more of our holy talismans act as a spiritual immunization to greatly diminish and repel severe misfortune and bad luck.

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Unfortunately there are now people offering cheaply made, ineffective, un-empowered imitations of our Angelic talismans. Aware that their un-charged fake talismans are worthless, they do not dare offer a money-back guarantee. Imitations of our talismans are just that... imitations - unworthy of your money and your time.