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The Magical Talisman of Saturn
Qabalah Solid Copper Jupiter House Talisman
King Solomon’s Love Talisman
Created to Bring Success in all Love and Relationship Matters
Individually crafted in solid sterling silver
Only £32.50
Order today and you will receive a FREE sterling silver fill chain
valued at £12.00. The size of this talisman is 25 mm across.
Approximately the same size as a British 10p piece or a US 25c cent coin.

King Solomon’s Double Sided Qabalah
Love & Sexual Attraction Talisman.

This powerful Love Magnet is guaranteed to be the most successful & effective Love & Sexual Attraction talisman on the face of the Earth. Worn or carried on the person it is known to exert a pleasant hypnotic sensation that helps make its owner irresistible both physically & spiritually to any person they desire. This potent talisman helps its owner project an aura of great physical energy and irresistible sexual magnetism.

This ancient talisman is, without doubt, the most successful & effective ‘Love Magnet’ ever created, with a proven record of more than 3,000 years. Contained within the talisman itself and inscribed into the silver metal is the benign creative power of the Angel Haniel, the angelic force who controls all matters of the heart and the very essence of love itself. It is also a highly potent Cosmic planetary talisman containing the fourth pentacle {side A} and third pentacle {side B} of Venus, the planet of love. This unique magical item is, in fact, two powerful love talismans combined. Haniel, the angel of love, is magically requested to bestow the gift of success in all matters of the heart and the spiritual power of Venus, the planet of love & sex, is invoked to help create an air of heightened physical and sexual attraction around its owner.

The Circle of Raphael highly recommends King Solomon’s double sided love magnet to anyone wishing to create an aura of alluring sexual and spiritual attraction. Also for any person yearning to attract true, loyal and lasting love or seeking to improve an existing relationship. Given as a gift it is known to create a special bond of love and loyalty between the giver and the receiver. Worn or carried in everyday situations with either side A or side B on show, it will help its owner to greatly influence others by creating an air of success and confidence that few mortals can resist. Each talisman is painstakingly hand-crafted and personally empowered by the master Adept of the Circle of Raphael, using the highly secret and extremely time consuming Qabalah magical formula as laid down in Solomon s original manuscript. This very special magical item is guaranteed to be identical to that worn by the great biblical king himself, over 3,000 years ago.

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